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Homebuilt meat smoker texts your phone when the meat is ready! – Gadget Freak Case #170: Smoking Permitted, but Bring a Roast

Peter Rauch used a proportional-integral-differential (PID) controller that modulates electrical power to a heating element to create a home-built electronic meat smoker. A touch-screen display let him manage the controller set point and control-loop parameters. A J-type thermocouple in the top of the smoker provides a voltage signal so the feedback loop can control the smoker’s temperature. A second sensor, which reads meat temperature, is used only for monitoring and alarms. A user can enter a desired meat temperature, and receive an alert via a text message when the temperature reaches a preset value. Additionally, when the temperature reaches this setpoint, the controller can ‘hold’ the meat at a preset temperature to avoid overcooking it until you can remove it.