World Maker Faire, Sept 25, 26, New York Hall of Science


The excitement is building for next weekend’s Maker Faire in NYC. We can feel it — from the staff, from the over 450 makers who are heading there, from the monster buzz on the Internet, and from the mainstream media. It feels like something really special is about to happen. Hopefully you can catch of glimpse of what some of the hoopla is about via the World Maker Faire Program Guide that’s now available for download. How can you look at this thing (if you have a maker bone in your body) and not want to pack the kids and the pet parakeet into the family hovercar and head for Flushing Meadows, Queens? We hope to see you there (but do leave the parakeet at home).

World Maker Faire Program Guide (PDF, ~2MB)

2 thoughts on “World Maker Faire, Sept 25, 26, New York Hall of Science

  1. . . . that program guide is very promising. Lots of diverse stuff going on.

    My sister, her husband, my nieces, a cousin and her daughter are going. Feeling a bit jealous now!

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