World Maker Faire NY exclusive: Netduino Plus with Ethernet and SD card support

Netduino Plus

We’re thrilled to announce that a limited number of early release Netduino Plus boards are being hand-delivered to the Maker Shed at World Maker Faire NY for sale this weekend. Find the Maker Shed on page 3 of map in the Program Guide (PDF).

The $59.95 Netduino Plus is the newest member of the Netduino family. It packs more features than the $34.95 Netduino, adding Ethernet (with a full TCP/IP stack) and a Micro SD card reader.

  • All Netduino features plus integrated Ethernet and Micro SD capabilities
  • Ethernet jack is low-profile and hard plastic; no worries about “accidentally grounding/shorting” stack-on shields
  • Supports most Micro SD cards up to 2GB (FAT16/FAT32)
  • Netduino Plus is 100% open source – networking is lwIP (BSD license) and file system/SD card support is from Microsoft (Apache 2.0)

We’re only getting a limited number of these for sale onsite this weekend, and they won’t be in stock again until the holidays. These Netduino Plus boards are production versions of the hardware, but the firmware is in beta. You should expect a few quirks, but you’ll be able to find help and updates in the Netduino Forums. A final version of the firmware is expected before the holidays.


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