With Halloween just two weeks away, costumes, house decor, and party plans are well in the works. We’ve been busy entering a bunch of the projects we ran in the Make: Halloween Special Edition into Make: Projects, our new projects library. Take a look at our Halloween project offerings, which includes the animatronic Flying Crank Ghost by Edwin Wise:


Electrocute a devilish Chucky doll with the Mini Electric Chair by Jon Williams:

mini electric chair mp.jpg

Make a fleshy appetizer plate with the Meat Head by Andy Oakland:

meat head mp.jpg

Freak out trick-or-treaters with the Surprise Top Hat by Dug North:

surprise top hat mp.jpg

Learn the ropes of professional-style Vampire Make-Up with Max Sparber and Courtney Mault:

vampire makeup mp.jpg

Just to name a few of our Halloween projects. Head over to Make: Projects, check out these Halloween projects and much more, sign up, and contribute a project or two of your own to share with the community!

And don’t forget our DIY Haunts contest, currently running here on Make: Online. Get full details here.