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TV Bug

From the MAKE Flickr pool:

23N! (Flickr user zeni666) made this TV Bug noise instrument using a CRT TV, SN76477 noise chip, and 3 phototransistors. (Presumably) it works by feeding the output of the sound chip into the TV, where the resulting video signal then gets looped back into the circuit using the light-sensitive phototransistors.

4 thoughts on “TV Bug

  1. Created 5 month ago:

    L.S.D feeds on light via two LDR (light depending resistor) mounted on a suction cup, allowing the sensors to be mounted on any screen surface. An analogue synthesizer converts the light input to sound waves. This device can be used in many different configurations and feeds from any light sources. Even if L.S.D can be controlled by any light source, its design is aimed at screen reading/listening.

    This project will also developed in a street intervention by placing several L.S.D into public spaces for anyone to use (by plugging your own headphones) or to steal. Finally a dedicated youtube channel will support the creation of videos for L.S.Ds allowing users to share their compositions.

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