MZ_DIYSpace-Badge.gifIn April of last year, Steve Eves launched this amazing 1/10th scale Saturn V rocket. Stats on this monster include a height of nearly four stories, 40″ in diameter, and weighing in at 1650 lbs on the pad. There were nine motors: one P-10,000 and eight N-3800 motors, and the rocket was launched from a 2200 lb gantry tower (after being lowered onto it by a sixty-ton crane). The total thrust of the motors was 11,5000 pounds and the rocket flew successfully to an altitude of around 4,500′. And, in case you were wondering, the motors alone cost $12,000. The 1/10th speed clip at the end of the second video is especially cool. File this one under: “When hobbies get really serious.”

Steve Eves’ Saturn V ROCKED Maryland’s Eastern Shore

2 thoughts on “1/10th scale Saturn V rocket takes off!

  1. Saw this in my RSS feed and thought “neat, someone made a highly accurate real working model, probably not much taller than 3 feet.”

    I completely forgot how monstrously huge the Saturn V rockets were. Saw the rocket in the background: big shock.

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