Ron Doerfler of Rolling Meadows, IL is an engineer for Northrop-Grumman. He’s written a book on advanced Mentat techniques and keeps a fascinating blog called Dead Reckonings: Lost Art in the Mathematical Sciences:

As you may have noticed, the history of graphical computing (nomograms and the like) has become one of the major themes of this blog. I did not foresee this, as I knew virtually nothing about the subject before I started researching my first essays on nomography a couple of years ago. This topic is still one of my main pursuits, and I’m as astonished by what I find now as I was back then. To capture a bit of this spirit, I’ve created a free 2010 calendar titled The Age of Graphical Computing that is available for downloading and printing. The fun thing is that you can test the examples right on the calendar to show that they work!

Unfortunately, the calendar is for 2010. Wish I’d caught this story about this time last year, and here’s hoping that Ron will issue a new or updated version for 2011.