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Onya Cycles cargo bikes

MAKE magazine columnist and skilled inventor Saul Griffith is hard at work crafting effective eco-friendly alternatives to driving a car for errands within a 20-mile radius: cargo bikes with optimized steering geometry called Onya Cycles. The beefiest style they make can carry you plus 150 pounds of cargo at 20mph. Saul is pictured above in the Front-End Loader with his son Huxley, and his company is profiled, along with a handful of other cargo bike builders, in the newest issue of MAKE, Volume 24, on newsstands October 26. Check out this great little video by GigaOm’s Green Overdrive, and look for the article in Volume 25.

8 thoughts on “Onya Cycles cargo bikes

  1. What a cool bike! Gotta say, though — I’m no safety freak but there’s no way I would ride with my kid in the front there with no helmet. A helmet is such basic, cheap, easy protection.

  2. I’m sure Saul could come up with some sort of roll cage to put over his precious cargo, retswerb. Though a helmet does seem like the way to go too.
    I love the idea, but the roads around me barely have shoulders and are windy and hilly. Bike travel is not the safest. :(

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