This month in CubeSats

MZ_DIYSpace-Badge.gifYesterday, we talked about TubeSats, but what about the more well-known CubeSats? They’ve actually been around for awhile and there have been a number of successful launches. Over at NASA Hack Space (a website that every DIY space enthusiast should have on their radar) , they have a round-up of recent developments in these “nano-sats,” including links to articles on the Open Source Satellite Initiative.

CubeSat News 16 October 2010


Check out MAKE Volume 24:

MAKE blasts into orbit and beyond with our DIY SPACE issue. Put your own satellite in orbit, launch a stratosphere balloon probe, and analyze galaxies for $20 with an easy spectrograph! We talk to the rocket mavericks reinventing the space industry, and renegade NASA hackers making smartphone robots and Lego satellites. This, plus a full payload of other cool DIY projects, from a helium-balloon camera that’s better than Google Earth, to an electromagnetic levitator that shoots aluminum rings, and much more. MAKE Volume 24, on sale now.



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