CRAFT Halloween Contest
Thank you to everyone who entered our CRAFT Halloween Contest in October. We had about 465 photos tagged “crafthallowcontest” in our CRAFT flickr pool. Everyone did such a great job it was hard for us judges to narrow down the final winners. So without further ado, here are our 2010 CRAFT Halloween Contest winners!
Grand Prize Winner

NYC Walk/Don’t Walk Sign Costume by Jesse Kirsch (jessterk)
My brother Joshua and I decided we wanted to do a classic NYC costume that everyone would immediately recognize. What do you see a thousand times a day and never give a second thought? The Walk/Don’t Walk signs that adorn almost every corner of this city. Who knew people loved this icon so much?! We went life-sized and paid close attention to detail. We covered ourselves from head to toe using LED christmas lights stuck inside pingpong balls affixed to cardboard for the stop hand and a black jumpsuit for the walking man. We even blinked and turned off… just like the real signs.

Three Runner Up Winners

Halloweencontest Darthfairy Winners
Darth Fairy by booturtle
Darth Fairty costume with Death Star Wand my daughter requested I make for her to wear and watch the DragonCon parade and Halloween.

Halloweencontest Bento Winners

Nightmare Before Xmas Bento by Gina Lee (Cooking with Gina Lee)
Ol’ Jack is made up of nothing more than rice, black sesame seeds, and nori. Sally got it going on with a face of eggwhite, eyes of cheese, seeds and nori. Nose of mustard seeds, mouth of nori and bologna. Her hair is Beni Shoga. I tinted the rice an eery shade of green to go along with the Halloween theme. The bento is finished off with some carrot, tomato, Okinawan yams, jp sausage, broccli, and bacon & cheese tamagoyaki.

Halloweencontest Pinkoween Winners
Pink-O-Ween by Punkie Pies
Pink-O-Ween themed Halloween Birthday Party for my 11yro daughter. This party was inspired by Anders Ruff’s Pink-O-Ween printable design collection which was purchased from Anders Ruff on Etsy. I made pink & black foods and created food props to display the foods. All the food was made by me and the help of my 11 year old daughter. I also made Candy Corn shaped goodie bags with white, pink, & black crushed velvet.