My choice of updates to include in last Thursday’s round-up of controversial posts turned out to be somewhat, ah…well, you know: Starts at “c” and gets to “l” by way of “ontroversia?” In the interest of shameless click-baiting fairness, here’s a few that didn’t make my initial cut, as well as a couple that escaped my attention altogether. And—what the heck—I’ll arbitrarily format it as a Top 10 list.


6 plush AK.jpg

“See how it’s made of all flowery fabrics? Perhaps you need an irony supplement.” — Plush AK-47


9 - worst costumes.jpg

“Worst. Blogger. Evar” — Worst. Costume. Evar.


8 - bloody plush toys.jpg

“The only time I would find an alligator eating a baby humorous is when an alligator is not ACTUALLY EATING A BABY.” — Bloody Plush Toys


7 - light-up sidewalk brick.jpg

“What mean-spirited little people have dropped by.” — Light-up sidewalk brick


4 - GML tag recorder.jpg

“Should include a geotagging function so we can track the artists and arrest them.” — Build a GML tag recorder


10 - Netduino.jpg

“You lost me at ‘Need Windows.'” — Netduino, a .NET-powered open source electronics platform


5 - TV B GONE.jpg

“How about this gets tested on any televisions that happen to be showing MAKE TV?” — TV-B-Gone Hoodie


“You need to decide if you want to be an activist or an entrepreneur.” — My DIY Pedicab Saga


“This is tampering with an aircraft, and you can be arrested for it.” — Prevent airplane seats from reclining


1 - DDFTTW.jpg

“Passing the wind.” — Downwind faster than the wind: Blackbird sets a record

Did I miss a particularly good/bad one? Let me know, below!