Printed LED film from Sun-Tec

Artist, teacher, technologist Christopher T. Palmer, aka “CTP,” was asking recently on the ThingM Sketching list, for suggestions of resources for a class he’s going to be teaching on “Active Wearable Objects.” He started to get a bunch of great input and so I asked him to compile it and share it with you all. But somebody has already done the heavy lifting for him. CTP sent me the URL to this huge resource list, maintained by Margarita Benitez, of hardware, materials, supplies, software, tutorials, and more, related to high-tech wearables and soft circuits. Thanks for this, CTP! Now you’re off the hook. The only drawback to this list is that it’s over a year old (tho most of the links are still active). Hopefully Margarita will update it soon.

Wearables + Soft Computing