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From Parker Posey’s Mary, in Party Girl, to Batgirl — aka Barbara Gordon, head of Gotham City Public Library — to real-life Librarian Action Figure/ bibliophile Nancy Pearl, there are a lot of reasons why books are sexy. But you don’t need a librarian, or even the Dewey Decimal System, to fetishize over stacks. Grab your favorite oversized chair and turn to Bookshelf Porn (you heard me) — “A photoblog collection of all the best bookshelf photos for people who heart bookshelves.” We like big books and we cannot lie. *Wink*


2 thoughts on “Stacked

  1. This is very inspiring! I have books in every room of my house, but somehow they aren’t quite so aesthetically arranged as in these photos. (Even the one with the reader sprawled in bed with dozens of books.)

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