New York Times technology columnist and creator of the O’Reilly Missing Manuals book series David Pogue is hosting a new four-part series called “Making Stuff,” which airs on PBS tomorrow, January 19th. The series takes a look into the often unsung field of material science. Each week, Pogue investigates a different quality of materials, with the four being Smaller, Stronger, Cleaner, and Smarter. “Invisibility cloaks. Spider silk that is stronger than steel. Plastics made of sugar that dissolve in landfills. Self-healing military vehicles. Smart pills and micro-robots that zap diseases. Clothes that monitor your mood. What will the future bring, and what will it be made of?”

Check out the video preview below for a look at what to expect, watch the premiere episode tomorrow on PBS, and then check in with us later in the week when we interview Pogue about making the series.