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Lovely handmade wooden door latches


Matthias Wandel writes:

My dad originally started making wooden door latches for the cottages he built at Amogla camp. Conventionally available doorknobs and strike plates don’t allow for a lot of latitude in terms of dealing with shifts in the buildings from frost heaving. That, and the available door hardware just didn’t suit his style.The door latches pictured above are for the house he built for the main house, more than 10 years after making his first door knobs and latches. They are an evolved version of his original door handles.

Matthias’ site bills itself as “an engineer’s approach to woodworking.” If you like what you see here, chances are you’ll find it worth the click.


12 thoughts on “Lovely handmade wooden door latches

  1. One potential disadvantage(or advantage) to these door latches : You don’t need thumbs to make them work.

    Any sufficiently clever individual could open these doors with their paws.

  2. I came across Mr. Wandel’s site years ago, and it is a gem. Do yourself a favor and take a deep dive. Matthias has done (and documented) some amazing stuff.

  3. they look great, but for another $0.15, I would have liked to see button plugs or something to hide the screws. well done otherwise.

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