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Temporary Restraining Order Issued in Sony vs. Geohot – Everyone is going to mirror GeoHot’s PS3 Jailbreak


Temporary Restraining Order Issued in Sony vs. Geohot via Engadget. This means three things 1) The GetHot team cannot link to, distribute or really do anything with the jailbreak code while the case continues. And 2) Sony wants all the computers and tools used to hack the PS3. And 3) All this is really going to do is encourage everyone to share the code like the DeCSS days. In fact, a Research Professor of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University already has.


Mirror of GeoHot’s PS3 Jailbreak

Jailbreaking is already legal in the USA, this seems like a waste of time and money for Sony to pursue and it’s likely only going to get worse for them. Sometimes I think Sony sits around and thinks of new ways to damage their company with their biggest fans. The Magic Gate Memory Stick Duo Pro Plus Sony, c’mon! Now this?


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