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Car enthusiast Michael Bakiewicz put together this time lapse movie of his Suzuki car putting itself together. At least that’s what it looks like– in reality, the short documents nine months of car building, starting with a bare chassis and ending with an almost working vehicle. It’s a great look at how much effort goes into putting a car together. [via Neatorama]

26 thoughts on “Car assembles itself, owner and dog watch

  1. Matt! I don’t think you do this justice by calling it a time lapse movie :)
    This is a piece of stop motion/time lapse masterpiece! The way things come alive and move (blinking eyes behind the beer), this was a lot more than just putting the camera on the tripod and setting a timer on it.
    Anyhow, this really rocks!
    Thanks for posting it.

  2. This is amazing video. After seeing this video I think I can try to make a car. I think this is one of the best video of how to make a car in a short time. Good job. Thanks for sharing the video.

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