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I thought I’d share this with all the painters out there. I just got back from a Bob Ross Paint Along here in the Mitten and… this is what happened. Yes, I painted a stick figuring yelling, “SEND HELP.” Yes, I dropped out of art school….
Anyone else ever tried to paint along with Mr. Ross?

14 thoughts on “Trying to Paint with Bob Ross

  1. I have also tried to pain with Mr. Ross and my painting was just as cute, although my children held it up and twisted it every which way and could not figure out I had painted “a rolling hill with a beautiful little tree on the left.”
    Happy painting!

  2. Haha, yes, actually! My friend and I recently bought a bunch of 2″x2″ canvasses and painted miniature Bob Ross paintings! Ah, good times…

  3. My brother is a great painter. He advised me to just relax and imagine the painting before I got started. I winded up with stick figures disguised as trees. LOL!

  4. My sister did she had success with it. I am an art teacher so WSU taught me how to paint. I like yours a lot more than the Bob Ross landscapes, it has a lot of emotion and the paint quality it very nice.

  5. Denise, your paintings are great. I am trying to find out where I can get lessons on spray painting. It is like a free art form which is what I would like to try. Anyone know of any books, dvds, etc. I can purchase or classes?

  6. I took classes & loved it. I’ve sold several & have been offered $300 for one, but it was gift, & declined. There’s a lot to be said for the instructor you wind up with.

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