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GBCs are cool because they’re built separately by many different users, then brought to a convention with the expectation that they’ll work together. I love the dizzying variety of ball-moving gadgets! This one was built by 7 Danish, Belgian, and Dutch builders with a world-record 93 mechanisms linked together. The contraption was featured at Lego World 2011 in Copenhagen.

10 thoughts on “World’s Largest Lego Great Ball Contraption

  1. Gahh!!! Stop pitching more balls in during the whole run when someone is taking a video. If you want to be the worlds longest/best/whatever make it work better. Or at least add balls off camera.

  2. There is no payoff at the end! I got really excited, watching for 12 minutes waiting for this giant contraption to turn on a light switch, or feed goldfish. I was so bummed out to see that it was all just a loop!

    Plus, at points I had a hard time following the camera work.

    Either way, those are minor points in an otherwise fascinating system of Rube Goldberg twists and turns.

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