Portotrash, a mini trash can that clips to your table

Jack Talbert designed this Portotrash unit, which lets you clip a plastic bag to your table to use as a convenient trash bag. It looks like it could come in handy, especially when doing messy tasks such as clipping wire leads. He’s pre-selling them for $20 a piece in order to raise enough money to make a batch of them. [via core77]

2 thoughts on “Portotrash, a mini trash can that clips to your table

  1. This is… exactly… what I need/want. I do a lot of cooking. When I’m prepping vegetables, I need someplace for all the stems, peels, etc. Okay, the trash is a few steps away, but I want to be able to just sweep it off the counter and continue. This is a legit need, for real.

    Great idea.

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