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Top 10:  Recumbent Bikes

Trikes, too! No quads in here, though. That’s something we shall have to remedy, in future.

Note also, that #7 links to a resource—FrankG’s late, great, fantastic site—that is now sadly defunct. I’ve left it in for historical purposes; those images of Frank’s work don’t exist anywhere else on the web, that I can find, even if his original build notes are lost to us. If anybody knows where Frank’s content went, do let me know.

Update: Thanks to commenter Stevan Farkas for pointing me to The Internet Archive’s WayBackMachine records of Here’s a crawl from August 11, 2007 that includes the text of FrankG’s tute, anyway, but no images.


Propeller Driven Bicycle (Recumbent Trike)


FreeCycle-Made “No Weld” Recumbent


Brass Lion Recumbent Tricycle


Tricumbent Hybrid


Bart Simpson Recumbent Bicycle


Build An Inexpensive Recumbent Bike


Enclosed Belgian Recumbent Tricycles


DIY: Recycled Recumbent


Child-Sized Recumbent Trike


Home-Built Recumbent Tricycle

Did I miss a good one? Let me know, below!


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