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Top 10:  Recumbent Bikes

Trikes, too! No quads in here, though. That’s something we shall have to remedy, in future.

Note also, that #7 links to a resource—FrankG’s late, great, fantastic site—that is now sadly defunct. I’ve left it in for historical purposes; those images of Frank’s work don’t exist anywhere else on the web, that I can find, even if his original build notes are lost to us. If anybody knows where Frank’s content went, do let me know.

Update: Thanks to commenter Stevan Farkas for pointing me to The Internet Archive’s WayBackMachine records of Here’s a crawl from August 11, 2007 that includes the text of FrankG’s tute, anyway, but no images.


Propeller Driven Bicycle (Recumbent Trike)


FreeCycle-Made “No Weld” Recumbent


Brass Lion Recumbent Tricycle


Tricumbent Hybrid


Bart Simpson Recumbent Bicycle


Build An Inexpensive Recumbent Bike


Enclosed Belgian Recumbent Tricycles


DIY: Recycled Recumbent


Child-Sized Recumbent Trike


Home-Built Recumbent Tricycle

Did I miss a good one? Let me know, below!

36 thoughts on “Top 10: Recumbent Bikes

  1. Good to see atleast half, of them have some form of side of seat or under seat steering. the between the legs handle bars bot look so wrong, and they don’t allow you to use your arms as bump/shock absorbers. gripping handles below the seat you can comfortably hangon on even rough roads. and your arms don’t go numb.

  2. Thanks for putting the Recycled Recumbent as #3, if it is a ranking (which I don’t think it is). That particular frame was a trial assembly maybe 5 (?) years ago. I’d love for you to post a more modern, complete picture of a Mach 2 Recycled Recumbent. 102 pictures can be seen at

    1. You got a deal.

      And, for the record, the rankings are based on lifetime pageviews,
      which tends to favor older content. In future I may start normalizing
      for a page’s lifetime when I prepare these rankings.

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