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iPhone 4 3D Scanner

Using projected light from four different directions, an app called Trimensional, from Georgia Tech researcher Grant Schindler, will assemble a 3D scan using an iPhone 4’s built-in camera. Once you’ve captured a desirable visage you can optionally memorialize said countenance by outputting a watertight file and sending it to your favorite 3D printer. [via RRW]

14 thoughts on “iPhone 4 3D Scanner

    1. i would think that it would be more accurate on an ipad, since the light sources are created on screen – a bigger screen means the 4 light flashes can be further apart

  1. Way cool! I bought it immediately. An army of clones of myself will soon be floating out of my Reprap, each in a custom, nearly lifelike position ;-)

    Great link.


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