MAKE Volume 26: Karts & Wheels

Roll Into Spring with MAKE Volume 26: “Karts and Wheels”

Garage go-kart building is a time-honored hobby for do-it-yourselfers, and we’ve got plans and articles to help you build wheeled wonders that’ll have you and the kids racing around the neighborhood in DIY style. Build a longboard skateboard by bending plywood. Propel a go-kart with a pair of battery-powered drills. Put a mini gasoline engine on a bicycle. And construct an amazing wind-powered cart that can outrun a tailwind. Plus you’ll learn how to build the winning vehicle from our online Karts and Wheels contest — a full-custom adult Soapbox Derby racer!

In addition to karts, you’ll find plenty of other projects that only MAKE could give you:

  • A flaming tube that keeps time to music and makes sounds waves visible – in fire
  • An easy, fun synthesizer and loop station for making electronic music
  • Two bio-sensing projects: a lie detector and a controller driven by your brain waves

All these projects and much, much more await you in MAKE Volume 26!

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