The Hack Factory Needs You

Twin Cities Maker, the organization that rents the Hack Factory hackerspace in Minneapolis, may be homeless without your help.

When TC Maker moved into the space in January of 2010, it was on a sub-lease basis, where the principle leaseholder rented part of the building to the organization. Last Monday, they found out that the primary tenant was not renewing their lease, and the hackerspace was given the choice of finding a new place and moving out in less than a month, or taking the plunge and leasing all 7,900 square feet for a rent 50% higher than it was before. The group came to a near-unanimous consensus to go for it.

What the Hack Factory needs is new members — at least twenty. If you live in the Minneapolis area and have thought about joining, now is the time. (Open hack nights are Wednesdays at 7pm, and all are welcome.) If you just want to help out, go to the TC Maker website and drop the group a couple of bucks… it’s tax deductible and will help support the hackerspace during the membership drive.


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