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Angriest Most Useless Machine

This very entertaining take on the classic most useless machine gag is not quite so patient as its ancestors. Oh sure, it does what they all do: When you turn it on, it turns itself off. And it’ll do that over and over again. But, much like my college roommate, the machine has its limits, and it’s probably wise not to push it too far. [via Hack a Day]


34 thoughts on “Angriest Most Useless Machine

  1. Haha, that’s cool, but i was expecting it to explode, or let out a freaky scream or a yell or something. Endless possibilities as to what people will thing up.

  2. hahahaha, i didnt even read the description so i was like “sigh not one of these again” but then it started flipping out. i want one. maybe they could have an lcd panel instead that changes facial expressions ;x

  3. I was expecting an airsoft gun or some sort of launcher, maybe something that tried to smack your hand. Maybe add a motion sensor and have it anticipate the switch flipping. I like it though.

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