Nice segment with Dale, on NBC’s Bay Area Sunday tech news show Press: Here, talking about next weekend’s Maker Faire Bay Area.

18 thoughts on “Dale Dougherty on Bay Area Tech Talk Show

  1.  At the start I was wondering if the word hippie would be said. Sure enough.

    There’s a tendency by some to see the maker movement as an alt-culture thing, not that it isn’t but it’s so much more than that. Yes hippies, but also students, kids, hobbyists, tinkerers, crafters, artists, etc. But it did seem like the host understand that.

    1. Yeah, given the participation of colorful characters from Burning Man and such, and the enthusiastic free expression and wild ideas in evidence, it’s inevitable, but I like the fact that we have the robotic warship guys right next to the steampunks who are next to the R2-D2 builders, who are next to some high school science club, etc. It’s all-inclusive geekery.

      1. A lot of videos definitely give off a Burning Man vibe but the full diversity is immediately apparent to anyone that goes, and the fantastic attendance numbers attest to ever more people recognizing that.

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