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Craftster member noooitaremybirthday came up with this polymer clay and paper project while reading Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. And how genius! I can’t help croaking out, “Heeeeeelp meeee, I’m reeeeading!”

12 thoughts on “Ruby Slippers/Wicked Witch Bookmark

  1. its all about creating says:

    I know it looks pretty straight forward, but I was wondering if there were instructions? I’m really wondering how the legs are secured to the card so they don’t come off. What type of glue and if wires were used as an armature for the legs and shoes? Thanks, Marlene

  2. Debbie says:

    I too would likew instructions!

  3. Jeffois says:

    Cute! I’d also use them as place card holders for dinner parties stood upright or put slits in the shoe tips too and place the “bookmark” end in between the charger and first course plate.

  4. Meagneato says:

    I tried to make this for my niece, and couldn’t figure out how to connect the legs to the card. The polymer clay clay broke multiple times. Bah. :(

  5. WebCrawler says:

    I made life size ones and put them under my garden shed several houses ago. It was always a conversation starter.

  6. Jan Deelstra says:

    Can I buy the legs somewhere?

  7. Aneen P. says:

    THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!! I LOVE IT! if the book is stuffed into a backpack or something do you think the little feet or legs would crack or shatter?

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