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Laser Cutting Glow-in-the-dark Plastic

A few years back, before I worked for MAKE, I had some business cards laser cut and blogged about it. Every so often, somebody runs across them and e-mails asking for helping making their own. I always refer them to Angus Hines, who’s a good friend, a Maker Faire regular, and the best (and least expensive) CNC contractor I know. Recently, Angus was hired by Frank Anselmo Eco to laser-cut some business cards from glow-in-the-dark sheet plastic, which is a pretty cool idea, IMHO. But the reason it’s on MAKE is the sweet lights-out video Angus shot of the laser-cutting action; check out how the phosphorescent plastic continues to glow for several seconds behind each cut. [Thanks, Angus!]

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