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Announcing Photography and Video Month

June has such great overhead lighting, don’t you think? We do. So we decided to designate June as Photography and Video month here at MAKE. It’s a perfect time to get outside, get some fresh air, and work on your soul-capturing skills.

Over the years, we’ve published tons of tutorials, tips, tools, and projects related to all aspects of analog and digital imaging. We’ll be featuring those throughout the month, along with some great new content.

One focus is going to be on the tools and techniques you need to document your projects. This is an increasing interest of ours — how can we empower all makers to be better project documenters and lower the barriers to sharing these projects with others.

As always, we’d love to hear what you’d like to see covered under this theme. What shortcomings do you have around photo/video-making and around project documentation? Do you have photo and video tips to share with other makers? And, especially, do you have any tips to impart on photo-documenting ones DIY endeavors? Please post up in the comments.

Editor’s Note: We’ve also decided to stay with the Food theme a little longer. We have more great material for the theme and will be running that over the next week or so. Stay tuned…

10 thoughts on “Announcing Photography and Video Month

  1. Please include analog as well as digital tech. I still shoot film even though I have a perfectly good digital camera or three. Digital is terribly convenient, but there’s nothing like whipping out a fifty-year-old machine that cost me ten bucks, requires no batteries, and records 20-megapixel-plus images on a proven archival medium. Developing the negatives (color or black-and-white) in the kitchen rounds out the system’s total hackability.

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