New in the Maker Shed: Red Blinky Grid

Red Blinky Grid

The Red Blinky Grid, as seen on Wednesday night’s episode of Make: Live, is now available in the Maker Shed. The Red Blinky Grid is matrix of 56 LEDs that can display text and animations in a variety of ways. To program the Red Blinky Grid simply go to the included website, enter in your text or animations, and the program is loaded by holding the Red Blinky Grid up to your monitor. The pre-programmed microcontroller and light sensors (located on the back of the board) eliminate the need to use a cable.

2 thoughts on “New in the Maker Shed: Red Blinky Grid

  1. $11.20 is the least expensive shipping!! 10 to 14 days.  It goes up rapidly from there.  This darn near doubles the price on a $25 item.  What does this weight, 3-5oz?  This seems too high to me.  I’ve ordered a number of things in the past.  I don’t know as I’ll be buying much going forward.

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