Image from The ReadyMade blog
We were all sad to hear the news about ReadyMade Magazine shutting down. Many of us here at CRAFT were loyal readers, and many of us know firsthand what it feels like to go through shutting down a print magazine. Our hearts go our to all of ReadyMade’s staff and contributors.
We were lucky – although CRAFT had to stop print publication, we were able to continue with this online version you’re reading now. We work hard every day to make it as vibrant and useful as possible by posting great inspiration, exclusive projects and recipes and fun CRAFT videos..
Given the news about ReadyMade, and the number of you who responded to our recent Reader Survey asking us to bring the print version of CRAFT back, I thought this might be a good time to bring up something important.
The very best way to keep CRAFT thriving is to help us make this magazine into everything you want it to be. That means telling us what you like and don’t like. It means being an involved reader.
You’re always welcome to leave comments on any article we post here, but we also heard you loud and clear in the Reader Survey – our comment system isn’t always as easy to use as you’d like. (Don’t worry; plans are afoot to change this!)
Keep in mind, though, that if you’re on Facebook, it’s always easy to drop a comment on our Facebook page. And below each and every post in this online magazine, you’ll see a row of social media buttons like the ones right under this paragraph. We watch these numbers closely for signs of what our readers enjoy most. So, if you like something you see here, all you have to do is click your mouse twice to tell us – and, to help spread the word.
You can also help us thrive by subscribing to our content, because we watch our subscriber numbers, too! If you like what we do, you can add us to your RSS reader, get our monthly newsletter, or our daily email, or become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.
Not only that, if you look in the sidebar of our web page, you’ll see all our smiling faces and contact information. If you have thoughts on how CRAFT can serve you better, we’re here and we’re listening. And we want to stick around for a long time. Will you help us do that?