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Go-Kart Made in 5 Days

MIT graduate and MITERS member Amy Qian built this sweet ride in only 5 days. Also be sure to check out her amazing hand-built hub motor! [Via Adafruit]

8 thoughts on “Go-Kart Made in 5 Days

  1. Neat, but anyone with the tools can make a racing gas powered go-kart in 5 days.   I helped a friend build a racecar from scratch in 3 days… we had a pile of CroMoly tubing, flat stock and a machine shop.. we ran to a junkyard and grabbed a 4cyl drivetrain from a 1987 Ford thunderbird turbo for $200.00

    Started Thursday night,  Sunday night we were driving it on the streets illegally. all it needs is paint and fancy upholstery to recover the seats…  IT weighs about 950 pounds and is faster than a corvette.

    Now the hand built hub motor…. THAT is the cool achievement in the build. It takes some serious dedication to hand build any electric motor that has any power. That alone is very impressive!

  2. I think there is some confusion about the projects.  From looking at Amy’s website, the hub motor is fitted to an electric ‘penny-farthing’ style bike called the picoFahrrad.  This is an electric cart with a more standard electric motor in it. Still cool though.

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