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FabFi DIY WiFi Network in Afghanistan

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For about $60 in materials and a little elbow grease you, too, could set up your very own FabFi metropolitan area network node. What’s the catch? You’ll have to build it yourself. Fear not, because everything you ever wanted to know about setting one up is available on their wiki. Starting as an open source project within MIT’s famed FabLab, FabFi has grown production networks actively deployed in four locations across two countries. [via übergizmo]

10 thoughts on “FabFi DIY WiFi Network in Afghanistan

  1. The plentiful free DishTV or DirectTV dishes we have all over in the Americas must not be common there.  Very cool for working with wood and chicken wire, but even less cost by using a discarded  DishTV dish. 

    I wonder how many hops they could get with theirs, could you send internet to a small village a few miles away with these?

    1. It’s all line of sight. If you can get that distance is easy. So if you put a high enough tower at both ends  (because of the curvature of the earth) you’re good to go.

      1. Can you send me if you can the complete instructions on building a FabFi network (in a word document) to My ISP seems to be blocking my access to this information.

        Thanks a million! Very much appreciated!

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