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This honeycomb unit graces the studio wall of artist d. Sharp. It’s made from galvanized shelving salvaged from a winery.
I love the visibility here – I can use my craft tools best when I can see them all. And this unit holds a surprising amount of stuff in a small space without sacrificing any precious horizontal surfaces.
If you don’t have access to winery salvage, you could get a similar functionality from a few wall-mounted wine racks, or by gluing a lot of thick cardboard tubes together.

10 thoughts on “Honeycomb Wall Storage

  1. I think commercial size cans like are used in restaurants would stack together well in a frame. Also regular cans although the bottoms would not be flat for pens and other small things this would not matter.

  2. Thanks again for a great idea. i can always depend on all of you for some sensational and very unique ideas.

  3. Love this storage! Same idea, but it beats my PVC pipe pieces in milk crates by a mile… now where I can I find a winery salvage?

  4. Ooh, PVC in crates is a great idea!
    I Googled and Googled in hopes of finding some source for this kind of shelving. I suspect this is a more “on the ground” find. Maybe start with wineries near you, and ask them where they get their shelving? Another option might be to check home-improvement stores for some kind of corrugated material you could have cut and drilled so you could fasten it together.

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