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A Tiny Toothpick Treehouse in a Bitty Broccoli Tree

This Happy-Friday moment brought to you by Minneapolis photographer Brock (Eh? Get it?) Davis, aka Flickr user Laser Bread. If you like this, you may also like Brock’s model of Stonehenge made from individual Rice Krispies flakes. [via nerdstink]

114 thoughts on “A Tiny Toothpick Treehouse in a Bitty Broccoli Tree

  1. Good idea for the broccoli to resemble the tree…but why not go ahead and make it all edible….a centerpiece at a potluck, say?   Little sliced carrots for the ladder steps, and the treehouse with other crunchy delicious vegetable bits and or almond slices or waterchestnuts? Even a few cherry tomatoes placed with toothpicks in the tree? An edible veggie tree.

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