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My adoration for my canine companions rivals the deepest love affairs in history, and I am always looking for new ways to celebrate how amazing they are.
Dog silhouettes on wood pieces.jpg
In keeping with this month’s Design & Photography theme, in today’s video I show you how to create your own custom silhouette piece using Adobe Illustrator and a robot cutter (the aptly-named Silhouette machine). I describe a low-tech option as well, so never fear, non-tech friends. Check out the complete step-by-step tutorial over on Make: Projects.
Do not fear Illustrator or the robot, this was my first time using both and my silhouettes turned out great! This is encouraging me to try new tools and programs I have yet to master.
Silhouette dog on wood + rock.jpg
Who do you adore so much you just have to have their silhouette hanging in your home? Let me know in a comment below. Enjoy the video!

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