Yes, OK, I know that the weapons in Iron Man’s palms are technically repulsor beams, which, at least as I understand them, are a kind of wholly sci-fictional counterpart to the equally sci-fictional “tractor” beam.

But this somewhat alarming device from German laserhacker Patrick Priebe, who previously has produced a handheld Nd-YAG pulse laser that will punch holes in sheet steel, counts as “working” in the sense that it is a dangerous, if not deadly, directed energy weapon that you can wear on your palm. It’s built using a 1000mW laser diode plus a thick slab of brass to act as a heatsink.

There’s no indication that Patrick has any designs on vigilantism, fortunately, but I’m wondering how long he will be able to resist the temptation. Remember, kids: With great power comes great responsibility. [via Hack a Day]