News From The Future: Thought-Controlled Bike…. Jason @ WIRED took one for a spin…

The team set me up with a neurotransmitter helmet connected to an iPhone 4 mounted on the stem. The neurotransmitters are embedded in the helmet. Sync your brain bucket to your phone and you can switch gears simply by thinking about it.

Shifting couldn’t be easier. Think, “shift up” and it does in a blink of an eye. It’s faster and smoother than anything else I’ve ridden. It can be tricky, because you’ve got to keep your head clear — the neurotransmitters work off your brain activity, so if your mind is bombarded with grocery lists or thoughts chasing down that guy who blew by you, shifting could be tricky. This is where the bodhisattva training pays off.

What things do you think will eventually be thought controlled, besides – TV remote and videos games :) Post in the comments, or use your wordpress-mind plug in!