After all the controversy we witnessed last month over the idea of putting a vegetable garden in your front yard, I wonder how the surrounding neighborhood feels about this leopard print house, as featured on Apartment Therapy.
Personally, I’m a big fan – it’s quirky crafting writ large. How about you?

22 thoughts on “Leopard Print House

  1. I think it looks amazing and if it’s for real, then I raise my glass to the artist. If I had a house I just might have to copy this idea.

  2. Would love to see their friend’s face when they give them directions: “… our house is the one with the leopard prints on it!” :-D
    I’d probably get tired of the leopard print after awhile, but much points to them for being daring and trying something new! :-D

  3. Pretty cool! And very nicely done. I’d love to meet the owner… (BTW – it IS a leopard print and NOT a giraffe print because giraffes’ spots have a clean contour with no splotches)

  4. That is fantastic! So beautifully done and I like how the door and window frames are coordinated. Unlike the vegetable garden house, this looks finished and professional and I’d be happy to be its neighbor. The garden looked like an unfinished construction project.

  5. I think it is very creative but I will probably get bored with it and paint the house something else. Polka dots?

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