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Who doesn’t love a little anthropomorphic taxidermy? These dioramas from lovedtodeath actually pay tribute to animals through the lost Victorian art form dating from the 1850s. The attention to detail with period furnishings, miniature artwork and even replaceable lighting within the frame make these pieces pretty special, with an edgy steampunk flair. Rest assured, the animals used in these pieces died of natural causes, but are made immortal with each lovingly crafted scene.

10 thoughts on “Taxidermy Die-Hard Dioramas

  1. I LOVE these! But then I work in the Star of the Republic Museum – depicting the TX Republic period of time 1836-1845 (give or take a few yrs)! Plus being a 3d, collage artist and Steampunk, Victorian era freak…..well, if I could stand to do the taxidermy myself or afford the buy the little darlings, my artwork would take a very similar turn as these.

  2. I visited the store in San Francisco on my vacation last month, let me tell you there is some absolutely gorgeous stuff inside. There was so much stuff I wanted to take home but I wasn’t sure how it’d make it home on the plane.

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