Tokyo Hackerspace’s Geiger Counter Project Continues to Evolve

This March, Tokyo Hackerspace was hooking Geiger counters up to the Internet to get accurate radiation readings and stream the data for all to see. Since then, they haven’t been resting on their laurels, teaming up with Safecast and developing a NetRad shield that fits on the Freakduino wireless microcontroller board. THS member Akiba gave us an update:

We joined up with Safecast (RDTN at the time) and since then, almost all the core members of Safecast Japan are now Tokyo Hackerspace members. The office is also inside Tokyo Hackerspace. We started up a joint project with Keio University to create a radiation sensor network across Japan. The goal is 300 nodes by the end of the year and 1000 nodes by next year. The NetRAD boards were modified to accommodate this and we added WiFi so that it would make deployment and cabling easier. All the data is open and since then, Yahoo Japan started publishing their radiation map using our feeds.

We also are using special versions of our Geiger counters mounted on cars to geotag Geiger data and create maps.


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