MAKE Volume 27 $30 Mobile Document Camera Stand

One of the hardest aspects of documenting a project build solo is getting those clear overhead process shots while you work. Our own Adam Flaherty offers up his solution in the newest issue of MAKE, Volume 27. From his intro:

Hollywood grips solve this problem with what is known as a gobo arm, a lightweight mount that lets you position your smartphone (webcam, etc.) down where the action is without getting in the way. Commercial units run $100–$150, not including the $30 clamp you attach it to. But for the price of one of those fancy clamps, you can piece together your own Mobile Document Camera Stand using easily sourced parts. It’s easy. If you can make cuts with a hacksaw, you can build this project.

Adam’s project is one of six from Volume 27 that we’re sharing on our DIY wiki, Make: Projects. Check it out below in snapshot mode, and head over to the site for a more robust version. And after you build your gobo arm, you’ll be all set up to share your next build with us on Make: Projects. We’ll keep our eyes open for it.

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