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Stephen Colbert in SPAAAAAAAACE

This is so awesome, and so smart of a promotional stunt on MakerBot’s part. You know Colbert is likely to put this on the show. It’s also cool to see all of the bizarre things that people have been doing with Colbert’s head files on Thingiverse.

MakerBot Sends Stephen Colbert’s Head Into Space


10 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert in SPAAAAAAAACE

  1. How did you determine where it was safe to launch from?

    Those of us already in Connecticut couldn’t launch from our backyards, or it would go out to sea.  How did you figure out how far west you had to be?

  2. That is so cool! I had to watch the trip twice to appreciate the full grandeur of the ascent, because, well, that green, smiling head was a distraction — but a great one. I do hope Stephen has seen this.

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