I was so glad to see so many folks bring projects to work on during our demos at the Craft stage at Maker Faires this year, like this knitting project from Maker Faire New York. I like to bring embroidery projects on road trips, when I’m riding shotgun, of course! That got me thinking – How many of you bring projects with you on the train to work, meeting with friends, or during a lunch break? What kind of projects do you bring and do you get a lot of questions from people about what you’re making?

20 thoughts on “Crafting in Public

  1. I often teach jewelry and other craft classes in bars and restaurants – people are so interested! They always come by to check out what we’re doing and frequently sign up for future classes.

  2. I always bring my knitting to the park or library when I take my son. Once, while at the park, a girl of about eleven sat down next to me and asked me to teach her how. Her dad was so impressed by her intererest that he promised to buy her a set of needles & lessons at our local yarn store. That’s the only time I’ve taught a stranger, but people make comments or ask questions all of the time!

  3. My co-worker and I always craft during our lunch break, everything from cross-stitch & embroidery to…well, whatever project I’m working on at the moment! People always wonder in to see what we’re doing.
    I also bring an embroidery or cross-stitch project almost everywhere I go.
    My husband and his cousin have a joke…
    Husband: What do you think Maria is doing right now?
    Cousin: Reading!
    Husband: No, but that’s a great guess – she’s sewing.
    Cousin: It had to be one of the two; 50-50 shot.

  4. I take small quilting projects on the plane. I get questions sometimes. My favorite conversation was with a high school boy who asked about how I made what I was working on. (I had painted the main image onto fabric.) He seemed very interested.

  5. I love crafting in public. I get lots of questions and enjoy getting people interested in new projects. I bead, embroider, sew, weave, paper craft, and art journal wherever I can. In coffee houses, on park benches, mass transit, and at work. Most of my hobbies are portable and I never leave the house without a project. I teach at libraries and museums as well as run a monthly craft group that I teach.

  6. Maria – Love the joke ;) I think we need to start a movement to get crafting lunch sessions going all over the country.

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