Add a Whiteboard to Your Laptop

Joel Evans wrote in to let us know about his experience trying out the DrawTop, a cheap way to turn your laptop into a portable whiteboard:

The DrawTop is an innovative creation that turns the top of your laptop (a previously unused space) into a whiteboard.

When I first heard about it (I work with its creator, Ryan Mitchell) I figured it was more gimmicky and wasn’t really something that I’d use for an extended amount of time. However, after just one day of having it on my 11″ MacBook Air, I’m finding it to be very useful, and I’m also getting a lot of people telling me how innovative it is.

The DrawTop itself comes with a kit that includes four Expo dry erase markers of different colors, a microfiber erase cloth, and adhesive velcro dots, for attaching your markers to the laptop, if desired.

The Mobile Gadgeteer: Turn the top of your laptop into a whiteboard with DrawTop

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