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Cathrine Martin created a limited edition of beaded skulls, called Our Exquisite Corpse, with the Huichol people of Western Mexico.

The Huichol people believe in the power of the Sun God, ancestor spirits and the four principle deities – Deer, Corn, Peyote and the Eagle…This Huichol skull is hand beaded on a layer of wax, so should be kept away from heat and the sun. Please remember to support the jaw.

[via buzzfeed]

4 thoughts on “Beaded Skulls From Mexico

  1. Day of the Dead Is American culture. Mexico is part of the Americas. Its beautiful, fascinating, and its beginnings were influenced by authoritarian Christian imposed idealogy by the early Europeans.
    I love the Indigenous Huichol Indian beaded crafts….and beading bones and skulls is nothing new within the artform. None the less…the skulls shown above are incredibly beautiful, and I only wish I could own one.
    It is not an easy craft to do. the Huichol people are incredibly gifted, and patient artists who spend their lives mastering this type of art.

  2. I have done this style of beadwork and used dental wax (comes in strips) from a dental supply company. It works beautifully.

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