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Craft Activism is more than just a collection of how-tos. The 17 projects in this book have the added dimension of being connected to a cause: Pass along a worthy message with the Easy-Piecey Peace Quilt; recycle plastic bags to make a skirt; update your grandmother’s crafts with a feminist – and modern – touch; knit a politically charged “sharrow” cardigan (bikers have rights too!). The book is a fun read, with interviews and profiles of smart-minded crafters interspersed between projects.
The following PDF project, the On the Quad Scarf, was created for The Red Scarf Project, a program that sends close to 2,500 red scarves every February to the Orphan Foundation of America so that its recipients – college students who have been through the foster care system – know that someone out there cares for them. Knit it for yourself, for a friend, or for a stranger in need!
Project: On the Quad Scarf
Enjoy the project PDF from the pages of Craft Activism!

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