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I’m filing away all sorts of ideas for the holidays right now and I’ve bookmarked this quick suggestion from the Birch Fabrics blog. Using their Mod Basics collection, they made simple decals with what appears to be Wonder Under. Cut out a favorite animal shape and apply to a romper of your choice.

2 thoughts on “Quick Baby Clothes

  1. Any suggestions on where to purchase solid colored onesies?
    I recently repurposed one of my son’s outfits. He had grown too long for the legs but the shirt portion of the romper still fit. I cut the legs off and used the iron-on hemming stuff (lost the name) to hem the shirt (not perfect but it works). I used the fabric from the legs to cut out a number one and attached it to a little turtleneck using wonder-under. It was a great way to keep the outfit going even after it was a little too small.

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