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This useful “first world solution” to a fly that won’t stay zipped was posted on reddit by user ANatale (warning: NSFW). The original tutorial was written in a vernacular reminiscent of The Wu-Tang Clan’s seminal “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers),” so I’ve just posted the images here.

13 thoughts on “How-To: Keep Your Fly From Falling Down

  1. Smart idea. However, the original post lost my attention w/ all the jargon. I expected something more clever.

  2. Putting the little zipper handle in the down position actually “locks” the zipper. I have been quite surprised in the past that not a lot of people know this! No need for any key ring (although the creativity is admirable), just make sure the zipper handle is in the locked position.

    1. It’s too bad that sometimes this “lock” breaks sometimes and the zipper slides down when you least expect it. This little trick is a neat way to take care of the problem without replacing a zipper or safety pinning the zipper in place.

  3. p.s. in Swedish we call it a “lightening lock” because the zipper has a locking mechanism built in when in the down position to keep it from sliding down.

  4. Pretty nifty idea. I actually purchased an inexpensive little product called ZipperAde that works really well and you can actually leave it attached while you wash your pants.

  5. Perfect. Thanks. Unfortunately I already gave my favorite shorts ever to charity but it’s great for the jeans I’m wearing.

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