McCall’s Giant Golden Make-It Book

While I was visiting my mom last weekend, she thought I’d enjoy looking at her copy, which she shared with her younger sister, of McCall’s “Giant Golden Make-It Book.” Published in 1953, the book was a go-to source for children when they wanted to craft, learn crafting skills, or simply find something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon. From simple sewing to baking basics, the book covers it all. My mom’s copy is worn from hours upon hours of use, but I don’t think I’d have it any other way.
I’ve posted two more photos here, but you can see even more from the book over on Flickr.

12 thoughts on “McCall’s Giant Golden Make-It Book

  1. Wow! I haven’t seen this in a long time. We had this book at home (it was a hand-me-down that had already seen a lot of use). I loved it!

  2. I have this book! I don’t know where my mom got it (thrift store probably) when we were kids. It’s now in the pile of books to be transferred to my house when baby arrives.

  3. I got this book in the 60’s and I spent hours pouring over how to make stuff. It ignited the fire in my little crafty heart :D

  4. I had it too! and my sister and I had lots of fun with it. We would take a bus to the public library and borrow lots of other “make-it” books too. Thanks for evoking lovely memories!

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